Computer SATA & IDE Peripherals

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SATA Connector Type Items

New computers require power and data connection with SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) connections. Besides the wires being smaller and better for organization, the data runs faster. With older systems, confusion about master and slave connections raised questions. SATA eliminates such requirements. Just plug it in and you are done.

sata type connection

SATA Connection

This rear view of the DVD player shows the sata connectors. The wider connector on the left is th epower source for the unit. The smaller plug on the right is for data. Both plugs are very simple to install. Care is needed when unplugging as it is not uncommon for SATA data connectors to have clasps that lock it into place. Typically these clasps are metal and require little pressure to release.

sata type connection

The blue connectors on this motherboard are the SATA plugs. Colors will depend on the motherboard. Each SATA connector on the motherboard will have a number printed next to it. While it is not crucial, we recommend plugging the hard drive into SATA 0 if available, or SATA 1.

IDE Connector Type Items

Some computers still use this connector type as an option. Although, a hard drive, to improve performance, should use a SATA connection if available. Typically older computers use IDE connections.

ide type connection

IDE Connection

The rear view shows the IDE connector being held and IDE connection on the back of the peripheral. The white molex on the right supplies the power.

ide type connection

The blue and black connectors on this motherboard is where the IDE plug connects. On one side is a notch cut out to insure one way connection. Gentle insertion is recommended. These connectors take little effort to plug in. Be cautious not to bend the pins. In this setup, the blue connector labeled IDE 1 would get the hard drive. Your drive will work in either connector.

ide type connection

IDE cable with three connectors used for two devices. It can just as well be used for one device.