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data recovery

Can't access your files? Don't panic just yet. Let our IT tech check your hard drive for recoverable data. We have special software and tools for data recovery scenarios. Best of all, we are the cheapest in town.

Computer Data Recovery

windows 10 support

We support Windows 7, Windows 10 and even older versions of Windows. Need Windows 7 upgraded to WIndows 10? Call right now to schedule an appointment. We'll even setup your printer.

Windows 10 Support

computer virus

Computer infected with a virus, spyware, malware or even ransomware? The sooner you call us the better. Your computer is at risk of losing all personal data. Turn off your computer and Call Us Now!

Computer Virus Removal

PC hardware repair

Old computers and modern browsers can cause your online speeds to slow. Upgrading your HDD to an SSD will increase PC performance. More RAM can provide extra processing power. Consultations are free!

Computer Hardware Installation & Repair

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remote pc support

Remote PC Cleanup & Updates

quick PC cleanup

Common problems with computer performance are caused by lack of PC maintenance. We can remotely connect to your computer and perform routine cleanup and updates.

Remote Computer Local Network Setup

network setup

Save money by using our remote support. We can manage networks, connect a local printer, setup a shared file system or create an offsite storage backup for your important files.

Remote Computer Local Network Setup

Level 3 support

Some computer problems can be more complex yet still repairable remotely.Level 3 PC Support provides a dedicated approach to resolve all software related conflicts.

computer CPU ugrade

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Did your computer crash?

  • Same day PC support available
  • Emergency fast data recovery
  • Complete system diagnostics
  • OS recovery or new install

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Internet browser running slow?

  • Onsite system troubleshooting
  • fast remote software support
  • complete system optimization
  • real internet speed test

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Is your computer too old?

  • hardware performance test
  • optimization techniques
  • component upgrade review
  • new hardware installation

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Need to sync other devices?

  • Local network file share
  • Connect printer to network
  • data backup system setup
  • offer expert consultation

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